(Investigator 100, 2005 January)

In 1973 I noticed workmates arguing about their beliefs and wondered, "Why isn't there a magazine that sorts these things out and shows who's right and who's wrong?"

It seemed to me that numerous stupid decisions such as joining an exploitative cult or creating gambling debts through false belief in good luck could be avoided if people were better informed.

For 15 years work, studies, and travels prevented acting on my idea. A further problem was I could initially only spare $80.

Alan Winters knew how to start magazines cheaply, had helped start The Southern Skeptic, and wanted to assist.

The first subscriber to Investigator was a psychologist, Laurie Eddie. The early editions were printed on Mr Eddie's photocopier.

Librarian Andrea Rankin has talent in drawing and donated drawings.

Writers began contributing articles including:

L Eddie; A Lang; Bob Potter; J Bergman; H Edwards; K Straughen; F Russo; M Newbrook; J H Williams; D Dowling; L Storm; S Bockner, etc.