Gary Busselman

In 1951 the father of seven-year-old Gary Busselman began to involve his family in "the truth".

In 1971 Gary Busselman watched his wife die of leukemia.

Blood transfusions might have helped her. And a bone marrow transplant would have offered a 50% chance of survival. But the couple were Jehovah's Witnesses and both treatments were banned to members -- transplants as "cannibalism".

In 1974 Mr Busselman left the JWs. In 1980 the Governing Body of the sect changed the rule and "cannibalism" became acceptable.

Now Gary Busselman distributes information about JWs via pamphlets, magzines, the internet, newspapers and seminars.

Investigator has received a number of articles for reprinting.

[Note: The above photo appeared on the front page of the newspapaer Argus Leader (Jan. 23 1996) in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, along with a detailed report about Mr Busselman.] 

(Investigator 59, 1998 March)