Pas Cutri

I am a family man with a daughter, 4 years old, and am employed in the Health Care Services. Australian born of European parents, I was raised in Adelaide.

I live my life according to my personal life statement that I have titled, "You are what you think" and is as follows:

"Your life's path is always determined by the influences in your environment. Who you are, what you become and where you are headed in life depends on this. These influences also create a certain "state of mind." When influenced into that certain state of mind, you are what you think and you become what you are thinking. Therefore, you and only you become responsible for your actions in life, no one else. Know the difference between what are good and bad influences and you will always be in the "right" state of mind to take advantage of those good influences that will determine your actions and thus, your life's path."
I lead a simplistic yet fulfilling life because my needs and desires are not extravagant. I don't believe in complicating my life with unnecessary situations and basically I know that because I can't change the world to suit me then I will change my own "little corner of it."

I have been investigating paranormal activity for more than 20 years and primarily as a member of the Paranormal Research, Investigation, Services and Monitors International Group (PRISM) based in Adelaide, Australia. While I have never witnessed anything that I would class as being truly paranormal, I don't discount that paranormal activity may exist. I don't believe that our minds are "big" enough, knowledgeable or sophisticated enough to be able to comprehend what I believe are forces that may exist outside the human or "earthly" realm.

I believe there exists two distinct forces at work in this world, good and evil, in many forms. I believe many of us are being driven away from good as a result of being deceived by evil. I believe in God as described in the Bible and have absolute faith in His "Works," though at times I may fail to understand the reasoning behind His actions. Though I have my own belief system, I respect the beliefs of others to the point that I will discuss with others their thoughts and opinions, never condemning or displaying any kind of arrogance towards them.

In conclusion, I consider myself open-minded and objective, never dismissing any thought or idea but instead wanting to explore it further.

(Investigator 80, 2001 September)