Sarah & Susan Dunn

Susan Dunn began attending  Skeptics meetings a year ago.

She says: "My main interests are family and reading. I believe that while there probably are people who have a greater degree of intutition which could perhaps be described as psychic ability, I am skeptical about psychic claims which result in the 'Psychic' gaining wealth or power often at the expense of the unhappy or gullible.

"There may well be other life forms in the Universe. Our instruments and senses are based on the knowledge we have of our planet and our needs for survival and have no particular relevance to other planets. I find it curious that alien abductions/encounters always seem to involve aliens with human features."

Susan's daughter, Sarah, is 12 and likes gymnastics. Her main interest is The X-Files. When she missed a program to attend a Skeptics supper, "It was a great sacrifice."

Sarah has X-File comics, CDs, T-shirts and videos.

(Investigator 55, 1997 July)