Lakes, James & Annette

James is a business manager who considers himself to be an ardent skeptic and atheist who lives by the creed espoused by George Jean Nathan in Materia Critica "The path of sound credence is through the thick forest of skepticism."

He is currently the Web consultant for Skeptics SA, and his principle interests include Astronomy, Human Evolution and Parapsychology.

Annette Lakes is interested in animal behaviour, enjoys reading and is also a skeptic and atheist. Her non-adherence to the so-called supernatural realm and associated beings stems from her enforced attendance at Sunday School as a minor "Too many questions and not enough answers."

James is also disgusted and embarrassed that he would not have married Annette five years ago "unless she was christened."

"So is the nature of dogma!" said James. 

(Investigator 54, 1997 May)