Full-time university student Hayley McGrice works part-time for a supermarket. She writes:

Hello out there inquisitive Investigator readers!

My name is Hayley and I study Biotechnology at Flinders University, currently completing 2nd year. I am looking forward to a career in clinical research into causes and prevention through genetic manipulation of hereditary diseases such as hemophilia and type one diabetes (insulin dependant). I am also interested in recombinant protein production and microbial biodegradation of contaminated soil.

So all of you out there that think that biotechnology and genetic engineering is only about cloning, genetically modified foods and making heaps of money are misinformed. The limits of science are only bound by the imagination and technological capabilities of us, the ones who ask the questions.

So get out there and investigate.


(Investigator 81, 2001 November)