Karen Roberts



By: Karen Roberts

May the liqht
Be with you always,
I hope, your journey
Is as rewarding as mine.
Love and Light.

To develop Spiritual understanding requires many lifetimes both as male and female. These lifetimes must involve every facet, or, human events and emotions:


As well as Love, Power Success and Happiness, I, myself, have had 360 lives and have reached a High Level of Awareness and Understanding. People, who are on their own search call me 'Enlightened’ the others think I live in 'Fairyland'. We are all here to learn. We are "Spiritual Beings" having a human experience:


What we know as reality is actually an illusion, we are playing a game, the game of life. It is a serious game, but a game nevertheless. We are all actors in a play and the world, as we know it, are our'props’.

My interest in death has always been there, but I will briefly tell you how it began, what I learnt and what I have experienced on my journey. Twenty years ago, I developed an interest in 'skeletons', and that was the beginning. I have Cats, Bats, Rats, Dogs, a Horse, Sheep, and the list goes on.

From these, I was collecting anything to do with death, which led me to 'Tarot Cards’ as my curiosity of the unknown became stronger. I had my first experience with the 'Spirit World' at this stage as I foolishly played with the 'Board'.

The 'Spirit', ('Bonnie') attached herself to my 'Aura', and made her presence felt as she was ran her finger down my neck at night. I was lucky as ('Bonnie') was not negative, and, meant me no harm.

I have learnt the 'boards' are not a game. They are dangerous. As you open the door to any 'Earth Bound Spirit', or,'Entity' living on the 'Lower Astral Plane'. I have learnt we are never alone, we all have 'Spirit Guides'.


I have had 'Materializations' from three different 'Guides' as they wanted to prove to me their existence. I have received a lot of information through 'Channeling' from my 'Guides' about my 'Past lives'. I have been given a lot of insight to some of the things I say, do, and feel as we are a product of what has gone on before.

I have learnt so much about 'Karmas', 'Soul-mates', and 'Karmic Relationships'. I have learnt to recognize a 'Soulmate' and their purpose in life.

I have learnt how to see 'Auras' and to tap into someone's energy to reveal information about what they are thinking, feeling and what is happening in their life. (I always ask permission from the universe before this knowledge is revealed.) If I had wanted the information for malicious reasons, or, to use it against them, the knowledge would either not be given, or, I would expect 'Karmic Payback'.

I have learnt how to control my mind and to manifest my own reality with my thoughts, as we are all energy and so are our thoughts. I have learnt to trust my 'Inner knowing' and let my'Higher self’ and 'Guides' lead the way. I have received a lot of signs, inspirations and messages from my 'Guides', but, the one that really stands out to me is when my whole bedroom lit up with 'White light' and flickered for about 15 seconds as I came to the realisation on something I was working on. It was as though 'they' were saying, "yes you got it". We are all bombarded with 'Psychic information' and signs every day, but they are so subtle in that people don't recognize them. This is
where the term 'Psychic and Spiritual Awareness' comes in.

People like me are aware of the 'Signs and information'.

If you are expecting something big you will miss them, as they are that subtle, of which that is why they get unnoticed. I have learnt about 'Psychic Protection' and protect myself always. As when you deal with 'Psychic Energy'. It is necessary, you can leave yourself open to anything.

I have not yet experienced anything negative. I do not believe in Evil or the Devil, just negative energy. Like attracts like, and I have raised my vibrations high enough that if a 'Negative Entity' at some stage crossed my path, it would not stay, as my vibration would repel it. As I have stated before, "Thought is Energy". If you believe in the 'Devil', then your thoughts will become your reality. I do not, or, doubt whether I will encounter such a thing.

I have attempted 'Astral travel'. I have got very close to leaving my body:

And Pressure on my head.

I felt I was about to leave but it all stopped. I obviously wasn't ready. There is a time for everything. I will achieve this when the time is right.

I have learnt and felt the power of  'Crystals'. I wear four on my body now at all times. The energy that they vibrate is now enmeshed in 'My Aura'. They changed me dramatically.

I have learnt there are no accidents. Everything in life is put there for a purpose for us. To learn, the lessons we come here to learn. I have learnt everything is energy, everything has an 'Aura' and everything vibrates. I have raised my vibrations high enough that the 'Spirit World' picks up on it and comes to me. I cannot see 'Them' (yet), but I am sensitive to their vibrations a 'They’ come close to me and enter my 'Auric field'. The next time this happens, (and it will), I am going to try automatic writing so they can communicate. When 'They' come close 'They' feed off my 'Psychic Energy’ which leaves me feeling drained the next day, but the feeling is worth it.

I have also experienced 'Poltergeist Activity' as 'Spirits' do anything they can to get your attention. I have had a lot of contact from the 'Spirit World' relating to me, or, indirectly to me, no 'strays' so to speak. There is nothing to fear, as 'They' are the only people without bodies. They are energy, so are we. If I ever got myself in too deep, I know my 'Guides' are there to help.

The important thing to remember is to ask, as 'They' will not interfere without your permission.

Knock and the door will be opened, seek and you will find.

I have been consciously aware of my 'Guides' communication for a long time now. They send me messages telepathically. In the past, when I was just beginning, I wasn't paying attention to 'Their' messages so, 'They' used to make me'shout stuff’. The words that came out of my mouth were not my thoughts. 'They' don't need to do that anymore. 'Their' messages are much subtler as I have tuned in to 'Them'.

My 'Guides' have been communicating with me for a while recently with 'Pops', 'Cracks' in my room and with ringing and music in my ears. I believe this to be the beginning stages of 'Actual Voice Contact', I wait patiently.

I have reached such a high level of awareness that I have on a couple of occasions fallen into a trance state (an altered state of conscience) spontaneously. I live and breath completely with a 'Spiritual Perspective', I can see the Spiritual reasons behind everything in my life being positive or negative, as they are put there for me to learn. My friends made the way that I can look into their souls, as they know they cannot hide anything from me.

I can no longer listen to people complaining about mundane things like GST or Weather etc. Their lives are full of misery. I walk away as I know there is a reason for everything.

I know my life's purpose for this life around, and, the lessons I need to learn. I am proud of myself how far I have come and I know my 'Guides' are proud of me too, as I feel them cheering me on.

I am happy, I am content, and at peace. Most people look for happiness in other people (relationships) and they jump from one to another to find it. Unless you are totally happy within yourself, you will never find it as there will always be something missing.

Happiness comes from within, and I have found it.

I have let go of a lot of negative friends. I surround myself with only positive energy now. I love my life! I have never been married, have no kids, and have been single (by choice), for 6 years, (Spiritual reason; I needed to be, to get to this level). I am the most happiest I have been in my life. How many people do you know that can say that, and mean it? I don't know any.

I am 3 years into my journey now, (full on) but I still have a lot to learn. Where I am heading is still not clear. When the time is right, I will know. I will be lead in a direction. One thing I do know it will be to serve and help humanity.


(Investigator 79, 2001 July)