Helen Wallis

Religion was never a big thing in our house, although as a child I was sometimes made to accompany Nan to the local chapel. I was never christened or baptised. I consider myself a practising Pagan, having a deep affinity with our Earth, and her gifts.

The fear that most major religions instil in people and the destruction wreaked in the name of God infuriate me. I have had battles with keeping Jehovah's Witnesses away from my door. They seem to have some entenna that homes in on divorced women believing I suppose that we are either weak or vulnerable. At home I'd give them the courtesy of listening to them they are after all, only doing what they feel is right but they tried to tell me I would be reunited with my dead child (cot death) if I joined them, and I cannot abide emotional blackmail.

In my middle age, I am trying to do all the things I wanted to do as a teenager. I have taken up ten-pin bowling and karate. I bushwalk, have resumed photography, read copiously, and am currently a struggling author. I'd like to travel more, but the family is likely to keep me at home a while longer.


(Investigator 64, 1999 January)