Ever since childhood I have been interested in Religion and Evolution – I'm now 84 years and have lived in East Africa and Fiji for most of my life although I was born in Wales. I'm now an Australian citizen having lived in Manly NSW since 1989.

I would say I was an Agnostic from about the age of 12 but now consider myself an Atheist after coming out of the closet and reading Richard Dawkins' books.

Incidentally I had a brief discussion with Dawkins when he visited Fiji in the 1970's we were both at Oxford but not at the same time.

During the last 7 years or so I have been debating by correspondence with a Jehovah Witness friend of mine but he never replies directly to the points I bring up but I continue to attack his organization. His response is always a quote from Revelation or an article from creationist magazines or from the Watchtower publications.

Fortunately he has a good sense of humor and I can ridicule his beliefs relentlessly without him taking umbrage or harming our friendship.

I recently came across your webpage and found it most interesting and useful for my last letter to him on the subject of Apocalyptic predictions.

I've suggested to him that members of his cult should not be knocking on doors recruiting people in order to save their souls. They should be knocking on doors instead to recruit members to do something about Global Warming and Pollution or we'll all be faced with a Scientific Apocalypse!


(Investigator 117, 2007 November)