Joseph Holman

Age: 70+
Retired: Formerly legally ordained minister of church (Ministry of Salvation Church) -- no longer practising.

Honorary degree -- Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Literature, Master of Arts (International University, Bombay); been admitted to the degree of Writing Fellow by the Fellowship of Australian Writers; completed certificated course in Parent & Family Counselling (Catholic Drug & Alcohol Service Association); Diploma in Hotel/Motel Management (International Correspondence Schools, Australia); Diploma Business College, Prague, Bohemia; former Assistant Editor of ethnic weekly periodical, Sydney, Australia.

Have had internationally published countless stories, articles and essays on a variety of subjects, also four books, and been awarded several prestigious "First" prizes or awards in literary competitions.

Studied for several years alternative, herbal and plantar medicine (not officially qualified). Completed a Bible Study certified course by the Salvation Army (Australia) and am still officially "Adherent" of the organisation. Also completed Bible Study course with the South Pacific Evangelical Fellowship, Canberra, A.C.T. and been awarded Certificate of Recognition.

Currently contributing writings to several local periodicals and am in process of completing a book on "herbs, vitamins and healthy eating".

I spent some years in North and South America, England, Belgium, Germany, Bougainville/New Guinea and the Philippines -- not to mention Bohemia where I was born. I arrived in Australia in 1950 from England where I served a term in the British Army (R.A.O.C.).

I was divorced and re-married in 1980. I have two daughters, one 13 years of age, the other is 11. I am on pension (Service Pension -- Dept. of Veterans' Affairs).


(Investigator 78, 2001 May)