Profile Kevin Rogers

I was born in 1951. I have a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree, a Masters of Engineering Science degree, a Diploma of Operations Research in mathematics and am currently undertaking a post graduate diploma in philosophy. I am a research fellow at the University of South Australia in the Defence and Systems Institute, where I undertake research on defence and systems engineering projects.

I was converted to Christianity at the age of 14 against my parent's wishes. I am an elder at Ingle Farm Baptist Church, where I speak occasionally and also play the guitar. My wife and I are also involved with Holy Trinity Anglican church, especially befriending international students. I have always had an interest in Christian apologetics, but have only taken it more seriously in the last few years. It is fundamentally important to me whether Christianity is objectively true.

I had never heard of The Investigator Magazine until John Williams invited me to participate in late 2008. I like the concept behind The Investigator Magazine, as participation is encouraged from all sides of the debate, rather than having an editorial bias. I benefit from the interaction with those who disagree with me. It motivates me to investigate issues and sharpens and often modifies my own knowledge and understanding.

I am married with 4 adult children, who are all wonderful (in our eyes), and we currently have 3 grandchildren. I enjoy good wine, good food and good company. I also play competitive racquetball for enjoyment, friendship and to maintain some form of fitness

(Investigator 129, 2009 November Revised)