Lance Storm, 40, is a professional photographer and student with a BA (Hons.) in psychology (University of Adelaide) and an Advanced Certificate in Photography (Elizabeth T.A.F.E.). His is doing his Ph.D. in psychology, hopes to write professionally in future but is currently still taking photos.

Mr Storm supplied the following information:

"I started working in 1977 in the Dept. of Health, Pharmaceutical Benefits Branch, as a claims officer, looking for forgeries of Doctors' signatures and mistakes by doctors and pharmacists, which could and did turn up, and not infrequently.

"In 1981 I joined Health Benefits and Services Branch as a Health Fund Auditor, to keep an eye on Health Fund membership records, hospital and medical payments, etc., since the Commonwealth Government was paying 30% of members' claims at the time.

"By 1983 I was in Telecom Photographic Section working as a photographer. Some of the more memorable jobs included photographing the stone head-sculptures of the founding 'Fathers' and other notables of last century, around the GPO (above the doors and windows). The TV news crews turned up as well as the The Advertiser and The News, and the event was featured on the TV news, and Keith Conlon's State Affair programme.

"In fact I have photographed Keith Conlon a couple of times, and have also photographed the then Premier John Bannon, Kim Bonython, James Hardy, two Lord Mayors, and a number of SA personalities.

"My interests include parapsychology, Science Fiction, UFOs, travel (though rare these days), the cinema, music, and reading.  In 1986 I ran and finished the Festival Theatre Marathon (no injuries), and I have participated in bike riding events, including a 200km ride through the southern foot-hills.

"I started reading Investigator last year, and feel that many of the issues covered by the magazine make an important contribution to our knowledge about the more anomalous things in our world. I am impressed by the very high standard of writing, and am pleased that even university professors and doctors the world over, are interested enough to contribute to the magazine, since study of the paranormal generally is discouraged in our universities. This kind of quality ensures a successful future for Investigator, and the ongoing debates and readers' letters are an opportunity for feedback,and do help clarify misunderstandings that tend to arise.

"In future I hope to travel again, having been to the US (West Coast only), Britain, Japan (twice), Bali, and Hong Kong. The East Coast of the US looks a good idea at the moment, but I would like to see Europe too." 

(Investigator 65, 1999 March)