Kirk Straughen contributes articles about religion, the supernatural and the paranormal to Investigator Magazine and The Skeptic.

He regularly criticises the Scientific Creationists besides occasionally responding to efforts by "Anonymous" to present the Bible as scientifically accurate.

By letter Mr Straughen said:

From the age of 13 I have been interested in science and history, and these subjects have influenced my world view. As I see it, the evidence for the natural origin of the universe, life and mankind is overwhelming, whereas no such evidence exists for a supernatural or paranormal dimension to the cosmos.

I think everyone has a right to believe in what they consider to be true. However, I do not think this right makes their beliefs exempt from criticism, especially if their beliefs cause them to harm others for example, the JWs stance on blood transfusions. Indeed, criticism and rational inquiry are the very things that have improved the human condition, and it is this fact that prompts me to write my articles.

Articles by Kirk Straughen:

Alchemy in History (No. 38)
Tribal Magic (No. 43)
Religious Experiences (No. 47)
A Critique of the Soul (No. 51)
Creationism: Fact or Fallacy? (No. 52)
The Antiquity of the Earth (Nos. 53 to 57)
Ancient Cosmographies (No. 54)
Ancient Cosmographies Part 2 (No. 58)
The Bible: Word of God or Man? (No. 60)
Defending the Indefensible (No. 62)
Biblical Pseudoscience (No. 63) 

(Investigator 63, 1998 November)