Ken DeMyer

(Investigator 102, 2005 May)

Dr Macht did research, published by John Hopkins, on clean/unclean animals and fish in regards to their non-toxicity/toxicity.

Macht studied 88 animals and found that the unclean animals in the Mosaic code were toxic and the clean animals were non-toxic according to his toxicity tests. There was a 100% correlation between clean animals and non-toxicity and unclean animals and toxicity.

The clean animals are not devoid of toxins but relatively speaking are better for you.

Macht, D. M.D., (1953). "An Experimental Pharmacological Appreciation of Levitcus XI and Deuteronomy XIV," Bulletin of the History of Medicine 27: 444-450.

I wrote some additional commentary:

I found some additional data that corroborates the Dr. Macht study:

I once had the privilege to write about the late Dr. David Israel Macht of Baltimore who strongly believed there was no contradiction between Judaism and science and in a number of studies offered experimental proof to support this view. In a fascinating article entitled "The Bible as a Source of Subjects for Scientific Research" (Medical Leaves 1940; 3:174-184), Dr. Macht showed the harmful physiological effects of meat and milk combinations and the diminution of this toxicity at a ratio of one part of one ingredient to fifty-nine of the other.
Among his many other findings were the demonstration of the toxic effects of the blood and various tissues of animals slaughtered through conventional means as opposed to those slaughtered in accordance with Jewish law (shechita) and the differences in puerperal blood according to gender of the child (see Leviticus 12:1-5).
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We should note, however, that Christians are not under Moses' food laws.