(Investigator 19, 1991July)

The book PREDICTIONS (1980) by Joe Fisher & Peter Cummins discusses prediction throughout history. The authors also list predictions made by famous psychics especially for inclusion in the book.

I'll quote PREDICTIONS exactly so as to assess the psychics without prejudice objectively.

Firstly the predictions for "the next twenty years" that "cropped up with the greatest frequency" (p. 99):

Next consider the effort of Irene Hughes – "America’s first lady of the parasciences" (p.102):


Next Sandra McNeil of Los Angeles "most glamorous of the modern psychics" (p.104):

Maha Yogi A. S. Narayana of Canada's Espon Corporation was charging $3000 per page of predictions of alleged 90% accuracy. His public predictions had, the Yogi warned, an 'error factor' of 25%. The following 'public predictions' (p.105) seem nearer 100% wrong:

It seems that all three "psychics" were close to 100% wrong.

PREDICTIONS lists a lot more "psychic" twaddle and I recommend the reading of the entire book. The great shame is that people are paying, in some cases, $3000 per page!

  "Psychics" known in South Australia may charge only $30 per short visit. But isn't even that too much considering that science has never demonstrated any psychic abilities?
(B M)