Letter from Ian Miller in Investigator 30, 1993 May:


I endorse your skepticism of religion, the paranormal and supernatural. I subscribe to The Skeptic and am a professional engineer employed in a laboratory to prove my work by tests and evidence.

I may differ from some of your readers in that I am a believer in the Bible, and a follower of Christ. The debate between evolution and creation is of great interest to me.

I subscribe to the Australian Skeptics, and now to Investigator, because I believe that my faith in a 'Creation Science' should be allowed to be tested as all scientific hypotheses should.

The Australian Skeptics have disappointed me, of late, in their gutter tactics as employed by Professor Plimer and others. The scholarship of the debate has vanished and been taken over by a modern witch hunt.

On the other hand it is difficult to find agreement in the meaning of Genesis chapters one and two even within Creation Science literature. The time frame of Genesis 1:1-2 differs from interpretation to interpretation, the time frame of the 'creative days' differs, and whether the creation account is given from the perspective of the Earth or the universe.

Your publication appears to endorse the truth of the Bible. I commend this brave stance in a skeptical world that is too ready to make light of a book not fully understood.

Ian Miller