(Investigator 96, 2004 May)



L W Cable says on his website:


Luke 1:44 Elizabeth said to Mary, Lo, as soon as the voice of your salutation sound in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy.

Are we to believe that a fetus in the womb can not only hear but understand speech, but comprehend its subtle meanings and implications, and respond appropriately?


Luke 1:44 says nothing about "comprehend its subtle meanings". The text merely implies the fetus can hear and also "leap" in the womb. A "leap" can occur in response to a voice without the leaper understanding the words. An animal, for example a rabbit, will leap if startled by a human voice although not understanding what is said.


Most pregnant women feel their fetus move and kick as the time for birth approaches. The question is whether fetuses hear sound.


The Sunday Mail of Adelaide reported:


A New Zealand professor, Sir William Liley, conducted research on babies still in the womb, and found they "know" their mother's voice even before they are born.

"A baby will respond to his mother's voice," said Sir William. "He may stop crying because he can recognise her voice from his days in the womb." (April 7, 1976, p. 140)


David Concar in New Scientist says:


A century ago, one of the lesser known debates of modern science was quietly moving to a conclusion. The issue? Whether humans develop hearing in the womb or are born deaf and only develop it in the first few weeks of life. The "newborns are deaf" idea lost the day, and it is safe to say it will never be revived. In the past decade or so scientists have taken their studies of fetal hearing to dizzying new heights. Electric toothbrushes, door buzzers, the theme of TV soaps - all have been used to elicit a fetal wriggle, racing heart or other such sign that the sound is getting through. (October 19, 1996 p. 40)


Seemingly erroneous Bible statements often turn out correct when scientific research catches up to the Bible. This has happened hundreds of times. Can any human author duplicate such a style?

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