(Investigator 197, 2021 March)

Searches with Google on Bible topics on February 22 gave the results shown below. Bold print indicates the phrase or words that were searched on, and the numeral is how far down Google's list the Investigator item appeared

Bible Asteroids [5] The Bible implies that destruction can come from the sky but scientists until the 1970s ridiculed the idea of asteroid and comet impacts.

Bible Cobra [10] The Bible assisted in a revision to the entry about the "Cobra" in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Bible Crocodiles [4] The Bible's reference to "Leviathan", i.e. the crocodile, as having a tongue seemed wrong for 2400 years but is now confirmed.

Bible Hornets [14]  Ball (1921) referred to this as "military hornets" and called it a "Bible Absurdity".

Bible Investigation [4] Links to articles and debates about the Bible from Investigator Magazine... BIBLE INVESTIGATION METHOD 193

Bible Hyrax [1] Hyrax syriacus or "rock badger" is a rabbit-sized animal living in mountains among caves and rocks. It has been called "rock rabbit", "Shaphan" and "coney". Moses called the Hyrax a "chewer of the cud". (Leviticus 11:5; Deuteronomy 14:7)

Bible Miracles [46] "Anonymous" claims to test what is testable including biblical miracles by relying on modern science, logic and induction.

Bible Ostriches [5] In Bible times ostriches existed from Syria to Arabia but these became extinct in 1941. Adult males may grow 2.5 metres tall, weigh 150 kilos and have the biggest...

Sea Levels Bible [1] My first realization that ocean levels will rise and threaten coastal cities around the world came in 1970, and it came from the Bible.

Bible Sheep [45] Sheep are the most-mentioned animal in the Bible.

Fiery Serpents [14] How did gazing at Moses' bronze serpent (Numbers 21) heal people bitten by "fiery" serpents?

Esther Mordecai Ahasuerus [14] Esther, a Jewish orphan girl, pleased King Ahasuerus most out of all the concubines and became Queen. Who was

Esther Mordecai Age [3] Next assume that the younger son got married late in life, say at age 65 in 537 BCE to a wife young enough to conceive. Assume Esther is born that same year...

Exodus Fairy Tale [1] With so many fantastic events featured in essential components, the entire Moses-Exodus saga reads more like a fairy-tale than a historical event.

Hares Cud [1] Ruminants are classified by anatomy and are mammals that possess a stomach of three or four chambers. This clearly excludes hares and rabbits. If, however...

Jesus Sejanus [6] Lucius Aetius Sejanus (20BC – AD31) commanded the Praetorian Guard (the Emperor's bodyguard) for 16 years and seemed destined to become the next...

New Testament Geography [10] The New Testament mentions abut 20 provinces by name.

We Sections [2] At this point (Acts 27) the "we" passages recommence and it is we, we, we, all the way to Rome. Acts 27 describes the sea voyage from Caesarea to Malta.