Ken DeMyer

(Investigator 97, 2004 July)

I recently came across a fascinating and not well known Bible apologetic (although many Jews are aware of it).

A high number of significant events – on both the good side and the calamity side occurred in ancient and modern Jewish history on the main Jewish feast/fasts days. Some main Jewish feast/fasts days contain a significant amount of important events happening on their anniversaries.

Some authors and commentators on this subject have written the following:

"...God has caused many critically important national events to occur during Jewish High Holy Days, or during a High Holy Period..."

"...shows an Omnipotent God that intervenes in world history on a regular basis to show His power to an unbelieving world..."

"He found no comparable set of historical "coincidences" in any other nation's history..."


I have begun to investigate this matter and I have written some commentary on it.

It seems like a potent issue so far based on my initial research. I suggest reading the above website.

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