(Investigator 140, 2011 September)

Regarding It might all just be natural? HUH?

So the Red Sea being parted may have just been natural, and I suppose that goes for the creation of the universe in Genesis, angels coming to Earth, plague after plague in Exodus.

When you make absurd leaps like that, it shows you are stupid. You take the Bible out of context. To even suggest that it's possible that it was just natural is utterly dumb BECAUSE of the context of the events given.

It's as stupid as saying when you see planes leaving the airport: Oh maybe those are just birds that evolved into large metal looking things. Stop making dumb rationalizations.

Daniel Knight


(Investigator 141, 2011 November)

Daniel Knight (#140, p. 4) thinks it absurd to look for natural components in the miracles reported in the Bible and considers people who do so “stupid”.

What I do is "test what is testable". This means I check statements in the Bible by going to the scientific literature and to news reports about new discoveries.

As regards alleged miracles, there too I examine whether any part of the miracle story can be tested. A miracle which can be partly scientifically confirmed is more plausible than a miracle story in which nothing can be confirmed.

If Mr Knight considers investigation absurd he should tell that to scientists, detectives, census workers and everyone else who researches, collates information, or asks questions.