(Investigator 142, 2012 January)

Anonymous' response to Kirk Straughen (#141, p60) rejects the writer's claim that 'the best evidence...would have been for the resurrected Jesus to write an indestructible autobiography'. This on the grounds of the (materials) being scientifically unavailable.

Since when did science enter the picture?

JC performed many miracles ranging from walking on water to raising the dead. His mother was supernaturally impregnated and over the past 2000 years has appeared in many countries fluent in all dialects other than her own. His IVF donor father, the "Omniscient", created everything from a talking snake to the entire universe, and his ten commandments carved in stone endures in the sky.

"Scientifically unavailable?" Who needs science with family talents such as those?   

Harry Edwards


(Investigator 143, 2012 March)

Harry Edwards referred to miracles reported in the Bible and asks: "Who needs science with family talents like those?"

The short answer is that everyone investigating anything disputed needs science!

I've heard people say, "Prove it [the Bible] scientifically and I'll believe it." That is why I investigate claims in the Bible one after another by comparing them to scientific discoveries. The miracle stories too, often include details that can be scientifically checked — about twenty have been presented in Investigator.

Mr Edwards will recall that before science confirmed Neanderthals as a separate species to humans in the 1990s he himself recognized that Genesis implies people besides Adam's descendants existed. Edwards, although an atheist, in effect did what I've sometimes done — he used the Bible to anticipate future scientific discovery.

Who needs miracles with strong evidence like that? The answer is: Everyone needs at least one miracle.

The biblical reason is that the whole world is deceived by supernatural forces which distort our thinking and to get that stopped we need God's intervention. Without this help all the evidence — even if scientifically-confirmed Bible statements increased to thousands — would be inadequate.

Scientific confirmations merely provide the rational foundation for seeking the one necessary miracle.