Two poems from Investigator 129, 2009 November:

The Tyranny of Religion

Are you concerned when Christians claim
That only they have seen the light?
Or Moslems gesture with disdain
At infidels they think not right?

Their religious dogma roughly based,
On what unnamed scribes claimed once took place.
When holy men with their empty prayers,
Look down upon the one who dares.
To doubt the truth of ancient fable,
Of Mecca, Bethlehem or Babel.
Charged with heresy without reprieve,
If you should spurn or disbelieve.
The many faiths that perpetuate,
Between them mutual distrust and hate,
That leads to conflict in God's name,
Condoned by clerics who bear no blame.

Tho' one truth they cannot ignore,
Humanists have never been to war!
If you hold dear your fellow man,
Not caring if he’s black, white or tan.

If you can distinguish right from wrong,
Without the aid of psalm or song,
And don't need a church to give its views,
On which is the right path you should choose;

Then cast aside their idle chatter,
Their deceptive tongues do not matter,
For 'heaven and hell' is a cunning plan,
A massive con to frighten man!

Tony Lee

Are you dismayed at all who state
That they alone know best?
Skeptics, atheists and humanists,
Religions and the rest?

From all around come declarations
"I've got the truth," "I've seen the light;"
New Agers, cults and politicians,
All babbling that they're right.

Moved by "right" they strive, debate
Oppress and lie and fornicate;
Exploit, confound and steal and hurt,
Treat other people just like dirt.

The Bible teaches all are wrong
Pathetic, helpless, weak, not strong;
Deceived by "demons" and vain desire,
Heading for the punishment called "eternal fire".

The Bible also explains salvation
Promotes morals, prosperity, peace and elation;
It's confirmed by science in hundreds of points,
Consistent and integrated like bones and joints.

Give the boot, then, to misleading babble
Of atheists and cults and various rabble;
And walk in biblical liberty,
Confirmed by science, and so be free!