(Investigator 86, 2002 September)

I claimed in #85, "For child abuse to be so extensive the medical and psychological professions must have colluded besides the legal system." (p. 16)

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), the founder of psychoanalysis, dismissed reports of child sexual abuse and invented the Oedipus complex whereby children have repressed sexual desire for the parent of opposite sex. Florence Rush (1980) wrote, "the world listened to Freud and paid little heed to the sexual abuse of the young." (The Best Kept Secret, p. 96)

Here's some more information:

Psychoanalyst Jeffrey M Masson, like Florence Rush, argued that Freud knew about child abuse and its destructive consequences but suppressed the information and attributed memories of rape to fantasy. (Assault on Truth, 1985)  After a lecture in 1981 he declared, "Freud made a gigantic mistake. Every patient whose memory of abuse was treated as nothing more than wishful thinking will have to be recalled…"

In another book, Final Analysis (1991), Masson tells how his stand led to his sacking as project director of the Freud Archives and to him being hounded out of his profession. 

Psychoanalysts with vested interests denied  Freud's  error  and  unnumbered patients seeking help continued to be disbelieved.

New Scientist says, "Freud…excommunicated anyone who…wanted to criticise parents… He set back our understanding of child abuse by a hundred years." (27 April, 1996, p. 49)

By 1996 Freud's hypothesis of the Oedipus complex lost favor even among America's 3000 psychoanalysts. (Scientific American, December 1996, p. 74)

The Bible teaches that everyone is wrong:

All…have gone wrong. (Romans 3:10-12)

Satan, the deceiver of the whole world... (Revelation 12:9)
To refute the Bible here would require only one person – one out of all humankind – to come forth and prove himself right in beliefs and values.

But it's hopeless – when even the profession most skilled in uncovering deception was blind to a billion cases of child abuse worldwide and under their noses!!

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