(Investigator 98, 2004 September)

The senior astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in Mountain View, California, predicts we'll detect other intelligent life in our galaxy – if it exists – within 20 years. (New Scientist, 2004, July 24, p24)

Seth Shostak used the formula proposed in 1961 by Frank Drake (Investigator 94 p16) and calculated that between 10,000 and 1,000,000 alien civilizations in our galaxy might be transmitting radio signals.

In coming up with 20 years Shostak estimates that computer processing power will keep on doubling every few years and radio telescope technology will also advance.


In Investigator 71 "Anonymous" explained why an all-powerful God who loves us humans – if such a God exists would let humans suffer so much.

From the explanation it apparently followed that: “Alien civilizations, therefore, either don't exist or if they do exist they would be at peace with God and therefore forbidden from contacting us and telling us." (p35)

Detection of aliens versus no detection opposing predictions!


This looks like a major showdown between science and the Bible except for one problem if science loses the defeat is already  explained.


New Scientist (2004, August 14, p4) says, "broadcast television services are giving way to technologies that do not leak radio signals into space." Similarly, if alien civilizations exist, their planets might not be emitting detectable radio signals!