(Investigator 126, 2009 May)


  Isaac Newton (1642-1727), the "father of modern physics", was also a great theologian. He wrote 1 million words on science but 2 million on theology.

Scientists have only since about 1980 regarded comet impacts as being significant in geology and as a threat to civilization. Myself I recognized the danger of asteroids about ten years earlier by studying the Bible. (See #62)

Newton, however, saw the threat 300 years ago! His private notes even give a date, which I'll reveal below, for the end of the world by comet impact.


 When Newton discovered gravity, and how it guides the orbits of planets and trajectories of cannon balls, he unified the heavens and the Earth.

Gravity, however, may also unify the natural and the supernatural! That is, the world of stuff (or matter) and the world of demons and angels may both ultimately be natural.

In #125 I gave reasons for identifying the biblical world of "spirit" or supernatural with higher dimensions beyond the three
up/down, left/right and forward/backward that we experience. Humans cannot visualize a 4th or 5th physical dimension. Therefore physicists imagine 2-dimensional "Flatlanders" confined to a 2-dimensional plain and consider how Flatlanders would interpret three dimensions. The conclusions are then applied to humans and 4-dimensions. (See details in  #125; #123; #121)

Scientific confirmation of large extra dimensions, if they exist, may come it's been suggested, within 10 or 20 years from the Large Hadron Collider on the French-Swiss border.

Or perhaps the evidence is already here. Marcus Chown writes: "on the very grandest scales, there is no shortage of niggling evidence that something is not quite right with gravity." (New Scientist, 14 March, 2009, pp 38-41)
Chown says that various cosmic anomalies, including gravity working differently at different scales, could be: "our first glimpse of spatial dimensions beyond our familiar three
dimensions infinitely large, but which remain forever closed off to us."


I remember one night when I was 4 years old. The light in my parents' second-story, single-room accommodation was switched off and a street lamp lit the ceiling through the window. My father was reclining by the window and used his hands to project shadows onto the ceiling. I was particularly thrilled at simulated fights between a crocodile and wolf, and after each fight finished I called out, "Again! More!"

Decades later, crocodiles and wolves helped me establish the accuracy of the Bible. The Bible mentions the crocodile's tongue whereas commentators until the 20th century claimed it has no tongue; and Jesus referred to the danger posed by wolves to people whereas some 20th-century writers denied that wolves are dangerous. (#28; #111)

The point at present, however, is that my father could reveal himself on the "Flatland" of our ceiling in any number of two-dimensional shapes, including wolf and crocodile.

Extending this idea
(that an entity manifesting himself in a lower dimension can imitate whatever shapes exist in that lower dimension) to 4 dimensions and entities (if any) that exist therein, it follows that they could appear to humans in any 3-D shape they choose.

Appearing as a snake (as in the Garden of Eden) or as an angel with wings are only two of many options.


The supernatural is now a scientific hypothesis which future science may support or refute. (See more details in #125)

Suppose future science refutes my arguments, would that be the end of the supernatural? No, the supernatural might still be viable in some other scientific guise since the Universe, as revealed by science, is becoming weirder almost every year.

For example, Frank Close in his book Antimatter argues that: "there exists a mirror world to our own
an antiworld built from anti particles that congregate into antiatoms, antimolecules and possibly even antilife. This is the world of antimatter..." (New Scientist, 28 February 2009, p. 46)


Next I'll give you a date for the end of the world. Again gravity is involved since gravity guides comets.

The television documentary Newton: The Dark Heretic was shown in 2003. The Age (Melbourne) reported the program's most sensational claim:             
 Sir Isaac Newton predicted the world would end in the year 2060... The prophecy has been unearthed from little-known handwritten Jerusalem. (February 23, 2003)
I don't claim Newton's date is correct. But note it in your diary in case of conflict with your other plans!

Finally, don't forget that (according to the Bible) malicious supernatural forces deceive the entire world, and to counteract them you need to pray to God.

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