(Investigator 34, 1994 January)

If Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse and performing monkeys wear clothes why not extend this dignity to all self conscious animals?

The Society for Indecency to Naked Animals (SINA) apparently wanted to dress: "all naked animals that appear in public, namely horses, cows, dogs and cats, including any animal that stands higher than four inches or is longer than six inches."

From 1959 to 1964 SINA, led by G C Prout Jr. and publicist Alan Abel, organized demonstrations, TV and radio appearances and a SINA Marching Band.

A SINA excursion to the Bronx zoo received wide publicity as did threats to picket large American corporations with hundreds of clothed animals.

A lot of us humans are quite gullible. We believe in lost continents, missing links, levitation, spoon bending by mind power, astrology, tarot readings, monsters, flying saucers, crystal ball gazing, etc,

We accept the methods and products of science and technology when the results are cars, TV sets, medicine and computers but may reject the results when the same basic methods of science refute beliefs thoughtlessly accepted.

Many of us don't consult the right sources, or ask the right questions, or use the right methods. We fail, for example, to consult reputable scientific journals, or fail to ask for the observation or experiment which allegedly supports a claim, or fail to ask who duplicated the experiment and where it was published.

Therefore we're easily conned as were believers in SINA.

SINA was a hoax which continued so long, five years, because people seemingly wanted to be conned. Its official address was a broom closet and no animals were actually clothed except for media photos. When the hoax was admitted many refused to believe the admission.


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