Investigator #84 reported on "How Uri Geller Fixes Appliances":

You've seen (on TV) or heard (on radio) Uri Geller urge people to collect their broken items, such as watches, radios, etc, and shout three times, "Work! Work! Work!" Shortly afterwards people phone in and report broken items miraculously fixed.

Investigator 84 also suggested how the successful repairs happen:

…it's probable that around 1% of appliances are at some stage mistakenly thought to be broken. Therefore, if thousands of people can be persuaded to shout "Work! Work! Work!" over their malfunctioning appliances, some will report success…

I experienced another instance of a seeming paranormal repair this year.

In January my 17-year-old Honda generator on Kangaroo Island could not be started because the pull-cord could not be pulled — something somewhere was stuck.

In April I took the generator to Adelaide pending a decision to either find a mechanic or throw it away. Occasional tries with the cord continued unsuccessful.

In August I decided to not waste money on a mechanic to repair a 17-year-old appliance. However, before discarding it, and although 7 months had passed, I pulled the cord one last time.

And behold, it worked! The motor started, although no one, certainly not me, had yelled "Work! Work! Work!"