(Investigator 180, 2018 May)


One of the most terrifying experiences would be to be misdiagnosed as dead and later wake up underground in a coffin.

It happened in northeast Brazil in the town of Riachao das Neves in February this year to a 37-year old woman who "died" after a cardiac arrest in hospital. Visitors to the cemetery heard banging, muffled screams and groans from underground

The relatives were alerted 11 days after the burial and the coffin dug up, but too late: "She had suffered injuries on her hands and forehead where it appeared she had tried to fight her way out." (Sunday Mail, February 18, 2018, p. 66)

When Investigator Magazine decades ago investigated vampire legends, it was speculated that live burials in Medieval times may have fuelled belief in the "undead". Live burials must have been more common than now because the criteria for death were less clear, less scientific.

You can read about the case in Brazil by typing the woman’s name "Rosangela Almeida dos Santos" in Google Search.


In the science-fiction series The X-Files Gillian Anderson played Agent Dana Scully, a glamorous skeptic continually at odds with Agent Fox Mulder who readily accepts paranormal explanations.

Scully turned out wrong, week after week, but remained a slow learner, ever failing to understand that almost everything paranormal is true.

The series began in 1993 and continued for 202 episodes over nine seasons.

The X-Files returned in 2016 for a tenth season and a final 11th season premiered in January 2018.