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A metaphysical concept, chakras form part of the philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine and date back some three thousand years.


Chakras are supposed invisible vortices that penetrate the body and the body's aura and through which various energies, including the universal life force, are received, transformed, and distributed.

There are seven major chakras and several minor ones. The seven majors chakras are associated with psychic and physiological functions. The first, a major nerve plexus and a major endocrine gland, is located at the base of the spine. The second chakra is located in the solar plexus just above the navel and is the sex centre. The third is a point just below the heart. The fourth is the heart centre. The throat is associated with the fifth chakra. The sixth, located behind the brow relates to the mind and the third eye. And the seventh chakra, or crown chakra, is located on the top of the head and is associated with the pineal gland.

The chakras are connected to each other and throughout the body by channels of subtle energy called the nadis — a similar concept to the meridians in acupuncture. The universal life force supposedly enters through the crown of the head and filters down through the body to the other chakras, each of which transforms the energy into usable forms for the functions it governs.

An imbalance or blockage in a chakra is believed to cause physical dysfunction in the organ or that part of the body to which it relates.


The "health" of chakras is diagnosed by clairvoyance, by energy scans with the hands, and by dowsing with a pendulum. The purpose, so it is claimed, is to allow the Vital Life Energy to flow without restriction throughout the body thus promoting healing. This is accomplished by professional chakra balancing practitioners whose methods include crystal and gem therapy, acupuncture, meditation, sound and colour therapy, visualisations, breathing and foot reflexology to "open" the chakras.


There is no scientific evidence to support the belief that chakras exist, and therefore, it is difficult to assent intelligently to the claims associated with them.


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