(Investigator 182, 2018 September

Here are the results of some Google searches pertinent to Investigator Magazine and their ranks on August 22:

Bates Vision Training [3]
Dr Bates also claimed that the eyes can be strengthened by looking at the Sun — a dangerous practice.

Frank P Russo [2]
My write-up was made easier because Mr Russo gives visitors a hand written account of his life and achievements.

Gospel Mars [10]
What does the Bible say about preaching the Gospel on the Moon, Mars and other planets?

Mark Newbrook [6]
Mark Newbrook was born near Liverpool (UK) in 1956. His first degree was in classics from Oxford.

Miracles Confirmed [10]
When Christians are asked for proof of the divinity of Christ they point to his miracles...

JWs Headquarters [6]
JWs are now the world's largest body of people in full agreement in religion and...

We Sections [2]
Within the acts of the apostles there are distinct passages where the author writes in the first person plural using pronouns such as "we", "our" and  "us".

(Investigator 185, 2019 March)

Here are some Google Search results for Investigator topics and their ranks on February 25:

Exodus Fairytale [1]
With so many fantastic events featured in essential components, the entire Moses-Exodus saga reads more like a fairy tale than a historical narrative.

JWs Apostates [1]
For decades apostates from JWs were shunned, hated and loathed, and described as "haters of God", "deceivers", "corrupt" and "dishonest".

607 or 586 [2]
Archaeology and the Babylonian exile of the Jews. If 607 BCE is right and 586 wrong, which king reigned an extra 21 years?

Santa School [2]
America's major Santa training centres include the International University of Santa Claus (IUSC), and the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School.

Joshua's Long Day [4]
Totten, Rimmer and Harold Hill hoaxed countless Christians, but astronomer Edward Maunder plausibly explained Joshua's Long Day.

Isaiah's Virgin [4]
Did Isaiah refer to a "virgin" or "maiden"? And is it prophecy, or history taken out of context? Read the debate...

Salome John [5]
Antipas imprisoned John but Herodias wanted John dead and seized the opportunity when Salome — her daughter with Philip — danced at Antipas' birthday.

Backmasking [36]
Yes, I was responsible for detecting the backmasking on the song [Celebration of a Nation] that was being played multiple times a day on every media channel...

Yankalilla Image [38]
Fr. Andrew Nutter, famous for the miracle image in the Anglican church at Yankalilla, may resign from the priesthood.