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This inclusion is really more of a book critique. One with a rather presumptuous title by Leonard Locker who, in 1946, was introduced to dowsing with a hazel rod. He read up on dowsing and became adept at using a wooden pendulum to perform party tricks.

Around 1976, the author met a dowser and healer by the name of Bill Lewis who introduced him to healing using radionics. This is a method of distant healing with the aid of diagnostic and healing apparatus. Diagnosis was made in the form of numbers and then another series of numbers were used to transmit the healing. Locker was told that a pendulum could be used in lieu of the radionics apparatus. Following an alleged successful cure on a friend who suffered from depression, Locker decided that by dowsing with numbers he had asked the help of the right healing spirit.


Pendulum dowsing is an ancient art whereby it is claimed among other things that objects can be found by swinging a pendulum over a map.

Using a pendulum as diagnostic technique, Locker decided that he could also "see" the body's vital organs, "energy", "cleansing" and "healing" centres — whatever and wherever they may be.


The technique is a pseudo-diagnostic form of radiothesia. It is based on the assumption that diseased organs emit radiations different from those of healthy organs. When the pendulum is held above a diseased organ it is repelled — the larger the loop the pendulum makes the more diseased the organ.

Having diagnosed the health problem, the dowser then practices "hands-on healing".


In my opinion, dowsers are self-deluded. There is no scientific or empirical basis to support their claims.

Every double blind test of dowsers and diviners (Smith 1982) has failed to show that they possess any form of extraordinary ability, whether it be a natural talent, learned, or God given.

Locker states on page 117 of his book, "... I was twice admitted to hospital for treatment following psychic attacks".

I submit that anyone who claims to have been "zapped" by invisible rays can't be taken too seriously.


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