(Investigator 69, 1999 November)

From the two accompanying press headings we see two different situations where people give credit to God (presumably the Christian God) for two entirely different reasons.

THANK GOD, WE'RE ALIVE is about refugees from East Timor thanking God. I am sure that the thousands who died in the massacre and their relatives would not be thanking God. In this situation their thanks should have been directed to those who rescued them, not to the imaginary God who stood watching, unable to do anything as the slaughter continued.

In the second heading Miss World thanks God for her win. If she had placed nowhere would she have thanked God for an also ran? I THINK NOT!

This just goes to show the simplistic minds of believers in gods and deities of all sorts. These ignorant people, probably brainwashed in religious beliefs since birth, do not have the capacity to work out that the gods can do nothing to help change one iota of what happens in our universe.

My congratulations to your magazine, which continues to grow in excellence, and to your contributors Kirk Straughen, John H Williams, Harry Edwards, Mark Newbrook, Dean Dowling and others who expose religion and the supernatural for the frauds they are.

Your Fundamentalist writer – Anonymous – is still sniping from his position of deep cover. Is he afraid to put his name to what he writes in praise of his imaginary God and his attempts to justify Bible stories and superstition?

Now, since the Pope says there is no hell, I wonder where they will send Anonymous??

Brian De Kretser

Skeptics versus Religion and the Paranormal