(Investigator 165, 2015 November)

Around 2010 or 2011 an article about the hazards of boycotting “everything that originates with the Jewish people” began circulating by e-mail and was reproduced on many websites.

It is reprinted below except for 400 words that go into other topics:



A short time ago, Iran’s Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khomenei urged the Muslim World to boycott anything and everything that originates with the Jewish people. In response, Meyer M. Treinkman, a pharmacist, out of the kindness of his heart, offered to assist them in their boycott as follows:

•    Any Muslim who has Syphilis must not be cured by Salvarsan discovered by a Jew, Dr. Ehrlich.  He should not even try to find out whether he has Syphilis, because the Wassermann Test is the discovery of a Jew.

•    If a Muslim suspects that he has Gonorrhea, he must not seek diagnosis, because he will be using the method of a Jew named Neisser.

•    A Muslim who has heart disease must not use Digitalis, a discovery by a Jew, Ludwig Traube.

•    Should he suffer with a toothache, he must not use Novocaine, a discovery of the Jews, Widal and Weil.

•    If a Muslim has Diabetes, he must not use Insulin, the result of research by Minkowski, a Jew. 

•    If one has a headache, he must shun Pyramidon and Antypyrene, due to the Jews, Spiro and Ellege.

•    Muslims with convulsions must put up with them because it was a Jew, Oscar Leibreich, who proposed the use of Chloral Hydrate.

•    Arabs must do likewise with their psychic ailments because Freud, father of psychoanalysis, was a Jew.

•    Should a Muslim child get Diphtheria, he must refrain from the “Schick” reaction which was invented by the Jew, Bela Schick.

•    Muslims should be ready to die in great numbers and must not permit treatment of ear and brain damage, work of Jewish Nobel Prize winner, Robert Barany.

•    They should continue to die or remain crippled by Infantile Paralysis because the discoverer of the anti-polio vaccine is a Jew, Jonas Salk.

•    Muslims must refuse to use Streptomycin and continue to die of Tuberculosis because a Jew, Selman Waksman, invented the wonder drug against this killing disease.

•    Muslim doctors must discard all discoveries and improvements by dermatologist Judas Sehn Benedict, or the lung specialist, Frawnkel, and of many other world renowned Jewish scientists and medical experts.

In short, good and loyal Muslims properly and fittingly should remain afflicted with Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Heart Disease, Headaches, Typhus, Diabetes, Mental Disorders, Polio Convulsions and Tuberculosis and be proud to obey the Islamic boycott.

Oh, and by the way, don't call for a doctor on your cell phone because the cell phone was invented in Israel by a Jewish engineer.

Meanwhile I ask, what medical contributions to the world have the Muslims made? The Global Islamic population is approximately 1,200,000,000; that is ONE BILLION TWO HUNDRED MILLION or 20% of the world's population.

They have received the following Nobel Prizes:

1988 – Najib Mahfooz

1978 – Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat
1990 – Elias James Corey
1994 – Yaser Arafat
1999 – Ahmed Zewai



1960 – Peter Brian Medawar
1998 – Ferid Mourad


The Global Jewish population is approximately 14,000,000; that is FOURTEEN MILLION or about 0.02% of the world's population. They have received the following Nobel Prizes:

1910 – Paul Heyse
1927 – Henri Bergson
1958 – Boris Pasternak
1966 – Shmuel Yosef Agnon
1966 – Nelly Sachs
1976 – Saul Bellow
1978 – Isaac Bashevis Singer
1981 – Elias Canetti
1987 – Joseph Brodsky
1991 – Nadine Gordimer World

1911 – Alfred Fried
1911 – Tobias Michael Carel Asser
1968 – Rene Cassin
1973 – Henry Kissinger
1978 – Menachem Begin
1986 – Elie Wiesel
1994 – Shimon Peres
1994 – Yitzhak Rabin

1905 – Adolph Von Baeyer
1906 – Henri Moissan
1907 – Albert Abraham Michelson
1908 – Gabriel Lippmann
1910 – Otto Wallach
1915 – Richard Willstaetter
1918 – Fritz Haber
1921 – Albert Einstein
1922 – Niels Bohr
1925 – James Franck
1925 – Gustav Hertz
1943 – Gustav Stern
1943 – George Charles de Hevesy
1944 – Isidor Issac Rabi
1952 – Felix Bloch
1954 – Max Born
1958 – Igor Tamm
1959 – Emilio Segre
1960 – Donald A. Glaser
1961 – Robert Hofstadter
1961 – Melvin Calvin
1962 – Lev Davidovich Landau
1962 – Max Ferdinand Perutz
1965 – Richard Phillips Feynman
1965 – Julian Schwinger
1969 – Murray Gell-Mann
1971 – Dennis Gabor
1972 – William Howard Stein
1973 – Brian David Josephson
1975 – Benjamin Mottleson
1976 – Burton Richter
1977 – Ilya Prigogine
1978 – Arno Allan Penzias
1978 – Peter L Kapitza
1979 – Stephen Weinberg
1979 –Sheldon Glashow
1979 – Herbert Charles Brown
1980 – Paul Berg
1980 – Walter Gilbert
1981 – Roald Hoffmann
1982 – Aaron Klug
1985 – Albert A. Hauptman
1985 – Jerome Karle
1986 – Dudley R. Herschbach
1988 – Robert Huber
1988 – Leon Lederman
1988 – Melvin Schwartz
1988 – Jack Steinberger
1989 – Sidney Altman
1990 – Jerome Friedman
1992 – Rudolph Marcus
1995 – Martin Perl
2000 – Alan J. Heeger

1970 – Paul Anthony Samuelson
1971 – Simon Kuznets
1972 – Kenneth Joseph Arrow
1975 – Leonid Kantorovich
1976 – Milton Friedman
1978 – Herbert A. Simon
1980 – Lawrence Robert Klein
1985 – Franco Modigliani
1987 – Robert M. Solow
1990 – Harry Markowitz
1990 – Merton Miller
1992 – Gary Becker
1993 – Robert Fogel

1908 – Elie Metchnikoff
1908 – Paul Erlich
1914 – Robert Barany
1922 – Otto Meyerhof
1930 – Karl Landsteiner
1931 – Otto Warburg
1936 – Otto Loewi
1944 – Joseph Erlanger
1944 – Herbert Spencer Gasser
1945 – Ernst Boris Chain
1946 – Hermann Joseph Muller
1950 – Tadeus Reichstein
1952 – Selman Abraham Waksman
1953 – Hans Krebs
1953 – Fritz Albert Lipmann
1958 – Joshua Lederberg
1959 – Arthur Kornberg
1964 – Konrad Bloch
1965 – Francois Jacob
1965 – Andre Lwoff
1967 – George Wald
1968 – Marshall W. Nirenberg
1969 – Salvador Luria
1970 – Julius Axelrod
1970 – Sir Bernard Katz
1972 – Gerald Maurice Edelman
1975 – Howard Martin Temin
1976 – Baruch S. Blumberg
1977 – Roselyn Sussman Yalow
1978 – Daniel Nathans
1980 – Baruj Benacerraf
1984 – Cesar Milstein
1985 – Michael Stuart Brown
1985 – Joseph L. Goldstein
1986 – Stanley Cohen [& Rita Levi-Montalcini]
1988 – Gertrude Elion
1989 – Harold Varmus
1991 – Erwin Neher
1991 – Bert Sakmann
1993 – Richard J. Roberts
1993 – Phillip Sharp
1994 – Alfred Gilman
1995 – Edward B. Lewis
1996 - Lu RoseIacovino

TOTAL: 129!



I've corrected some name-spellings (indicated with underlining) such as Neissner to Neisser, Minkowsky to Minkowski, Zalman Waxman to Selman Waksman, Wasserman to Wassermann, Bella Schick to Bela Schick, and Robert Baram to Robert Barany.

Furthermore, some statements seem wrong:

The book The Timetables of Science (1988) attributes the "local anesthetic, Novocain" (which is still used in dentistry) to Albert Einhorn in 1905, not to Widal and Weil. And the first use of cocaine as a local anesthetic is credited to Carl Koller in 1884. So there seems no connection of Widal with anesthetics anywhere. The name of Georges-Fernand Widal (1862-1929), however, is associated with the Widal Test, a diagnostic test for typhoid fever developed in 1896.

The alleged dermatologist Judah Sehn Benedict and the alleged lung specialist Frawnkel could not be found and may be fictitious.

Antipyrin is corrected to Antipyrene — it's a powder for reducing fever and relieving pain first synthesized in 1883. In regard to this Spiro was not Jewish and the name Ellege is either a misspelling or made up.


I checked only the first third of the boycott article. Therefore misspellings and errors may remain in the list of Nobel Prize recipients. Readers who are inclined can check Nobel Prize winners at these websites:




The first website says that between 1901 and 2014 the Nobel Prizes were awarded 567 times to 860 individuals and 22 organizations.

The third website says: "Nobel prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals, of whom at least 22% were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population."


A webpage by a Dr. Robert Shillman dated February 20, 2011 displays a photo of Muslim demonstrators brandishing placards with the words "BOYCOTT ISRAEL".
Was there, however, a Fatwa calling for a boycott of everything of Jewish origin?

A Fatwa is a legal pronouncement or learned interpretation by a Muslim jurist or "Mufti" on the application of Islamic law. The term is also used of death sentences when a Mufti declares someone who has criticized Islam as deserving of death. A partial list of Fatwas is provided at:

Apparently there was a Fatwa against Jewish products by Ayatollah Khamenei dated 15th May, 2001:-

Fatwa No 12798

Regarding the purchase of Zionist goods:

The purchase of any item which helps strengthen Zionism is not permissible unless it reaches the point of necessity.

Ayatollah Khamenei (b.1939) was the president of Iran 1981-1989 and the supreme leader of Iran since 1989. He apparently has declared that Israel is a cancer and won't exist in 25 years from now.


What about Meyer M. Treinkman, the alleged author of the boycott list? Is there such a person?

The name is rare. Many people tried to pin him with Google Search but failed.

One web page dated October 2011 cites the U.S. Social Security Death Index and says:

Meyer M Treinkman (1894-1987) was born on November 1, 1894.
He was born into the Treinkman family.
He died on November 15, 1987 at 93 years old.
Meyer M Treinkman's last known residence is at Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

This "Meyer M Treinkman" was already deceased for more than 20 years when the boycott response began circulating.

However, it is possible that the boycott response or substantial part of it was written decades ago. Postings on the Internet include these two:

•    Salvarsan for syphilis? Hasn't been used in at least 60 years…

•    How did they forget Sabin when talking about polio? This whole list looks to have been put together 50 years ago...they could have mentioned many more recent Jews...e.g., David Baltimore, Nobel Prize winner, discoverer of reverse transcriptase — the key to understanding the HIV/AIDS virus...


One wit posted the comment, apparently aimed at Iran, "They can start by boycotting nuclear weapons."

The boycott e-mail is spoilt by its spelling mistakes and errors of fact. However, the basic premise — that a boycott of products discovered or produced by Jews would result in pain and inconvenience to boycotters — is correct.