(Investigator 117, 2017 November)


Also known as Cellular therapy or Fresh cell therapy. Developed in the 1930s by Paul Niehans, MD., a Swiss surgeon and endocrinologist.


That specific foetal cells, when injected into a host, travel to the corresponding organ from which they were procured and revitalise the homologous cell activity. Live Cell Therapy is claimed to regenerate organs and organ systems that are weakened from aging and / or chronic disease.




Although it is claimed that Live cell therapy is based on the scientific fact that foetal cells introduced into a body will migrate to the same host organ, the therapy is unlicensed and available only at alternative therapy clinics in Mexico and Switzerland.

The American Cancer Society states that fresh cell therapy has no proven benefit and has caused serious side effects (infections and immunologic reactions to the injected protein) and death.


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