The clue to your hidden talents

(Investigator 66, 1999 May.  Obtained from Skeptics SA)

People are all different and have different personalities, talents and desires. Numerology probably started with Hebrew gematria, well before the time of Christ and was related to mankind's ancient wisdom, accumulated over many centuries, until the present day.

The Australian Skeptics invite you to work out your own SPECIAL NUMBER by adding up the numbers for each letter in your name, then adding digits together until a number 1 - 9 is reached.

a        b         c        d        e        f         g        h        i

j        k          l        m        n        o        p        q        r

s        t          u        v        w        x        y        z

1        2        3        4        5        6        7        8        9        Your special number__

Having the special number of  ___ you are a really wonderful and lucky person with the remarkable natural ability (ticked), the envy of others:

1    ___    Verbal expression: you express your thoughts and emotions with clarity.

2    ___    Intuition: your experience has given you a particular gift for inspired logic.

3    ___    Artistic imagination: you enjoy a rich and beautiful mental landscape.

4    ___    Manual skill: you are widely known for your grace, charm and elegance.

5    ___    Assertiveness: you positively project strength and determination.

6    ___     Love of beauty: you have a high aesthetic appreciation of the world.

7    ___    Sympathy: you strongly feel for the problems and aspirations of others.

8    ___    Intellect: your mental power and knowledge astound everyone.

9    ___    Analysis: you examine situations and quickly find the cause of problems.

Of course, you have to share this with 700 million other people. Worse still, despite having this talent, as you do not have the other eight numbers, you must be missing out on the other natural gifts.


1    ___    You communicate very badly.

2    ___    You cannot learn from your experiences.

3    ___    You are amazingly dreary and dull, and can't see the beauty in all things.

4    ___    You are clumsy and inept.

5    ___    You rarely get your way when confronting others.

6    ___    You are vulgar and disgusting.

7    ___    You are ruthless.

8    ___    You are stupid and ignorant.

9    ___    You cannot understand how things work.

Even worse, you share your number with the famous people in the list below.

But don't despair — if you would rather have another number, just adjust your name — change 'David' to 'Dave', miss out the middle name or use the initial, write it in Cyrillic, etc. In this way you should be able to pick up all of the abilities you need!

Barbie Bart Simpson
Santa Clause Mickey Mouse
Francis of Assisi
Cleopatra Joan of Arc Bob Dylan Al Capone Idi Amin
Jacques Chirac Adolf Hitler Caligula Archimedes
Bill Clinton
Frankenstein Conan the Barbarian Dennis Lillee Attila the Hun Don Bradman
Fred Nile Henry VIII Giacomo Puccini Buddha Edmund Blackadder
Guy Fawkes Kylie Minogue Jeanne d'Arc Genghis Khan Joseph Goebbels
Hillary Clinton Ludwig van Beethoven Nelson Mandela Joseph Stalin Jack the Ripper
Mao Zedong Richard Nixon
Sir Les Patterson Julius Caesar Jeff French
Robert Trimbole   Ronald Reagan Tutankhamon Margaret Thatcher John Hewson
Robin Hood Saddam Hussein Carl Wieland Napoleon Bonaparte John Major
Sherlock Holmes Carmen Sandiego
Pol Pot Mafu
Shirley Maclaine
Spike Milligan
Pythagoras Mohendras Ghandi
W. G. Grace   Australian Skeptics


Adolf Eichman Allah
Bugs Bunny Albert Einstein
Alexander the Great Benito Mussolini God
Philip Adams
Bo Derek Elizabeth II
Deng Xiaoping Woody Allen
Dick Smith James Joyce Erich von Daniken Bronwyn Bishop
Dracula Jesus Christ George Bernard Shaw Mohammed
Edna Everage Kim Il Sung George Bush Duane T. Gish
Ho Chi Minh L. Ron Hubbard Heinrich Himmler Gough Whitlam
J. Z. Knight Isaac Newton Uri Geller Joh Bjelke-Petersen
Jehovah Miss Piggy Jeff Kennett Mao Tse Tung
Banjo Paterson
Ned Kelly Karl Marx
Mikhail Gorbachev
John Cleese Ramtha Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Paul Keating
Martin Luther William Shakespeare Noddy Phar Lap