(Investigator 184, 2018 November)

The idea of past lives and reincarnation has been in existence for thousands of years. It is a belief held by millions of people around the world, and the doctrine of many religions. Appealing as the concept of life after death may be to many, there is little, if anything, to suggest that the idea has any foundation in fact. Evidence to date has been purely anecdotal, and even the most compelling, such as in the cases of Bridey Murphey and Jane Evans, has not lived up to detailed scrutiny.

The lack of evidence notwithstanding, in recent times the idea that we have lived in previous lives has become a therapeutic tool. The theory being that emotional and physical problems being experienced today are somehow linked to traumatic experiences in a past life. By regressing hypnotically or by guided meditations, the trauma is relived and allows the patient to "detach" themselves. The process is also known as Regresssion Therapy.

Unfortunately, suggestible patients are prone to "remember" events that never took place. This can be initiated intentionally or unwittingly by the therapist, and has resulted in what has become known as the "false memory syndrome", (FMS).

In the last two decades, FMS itself has become a mental health crisis. The ramifications arising from supposedly repressed childhood traumas such as incest or sexual abuse, have been devastating for many a family.

The extent of which led to the establishment of the FMS Foundation to deal with the problem of adults who mistakenly believe that they were childhood victims.

FMS can also arise in treatment that has nothing to do with past lives therapy.

They both use hypnosis or suggestion, but one focuses on previous incarnations whereas the other deals with alleged childhood traumas.



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