(Investigator 189, 2019 November)


Although Radiance Technique is said to have originated in ancient Tibet, it was not until 1986 that a clairvoyant astrologer, Dr. Barbara Weber Ray Ph.D., began using the term.


The radiance technique is purportedly the unpolluted "science" of Reiki's originator in its entirety. It is related to other forms of energy science such as transcendental meditation and yoga, and is based on a special language of symbols which supposedly generate universal light vibrations. Through the "laying on of hands", practitioners use this transcendental energy as a tool for healing themselves, others, plants and pets.


Similar to other touch and brushing techniques and the laying on of hands.

Absent healing is also practiced by using symbols placed in a box with the name, date, age, problem and location of the person to be healed. Healing energy is then allegedly transmitted by a person sitting by the box.


Dr. Barbara Ray's doctorate is in the humanities and she was a former student of Takata (see under Reiki).

The claim that major illnesses and diseases can be treated by this method has no scientific or medical support — it is simply another quasi-religious form of bodywork.


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