The following from a skeptics pamphlet, offering $100,000 for proof of a paranormal power and also a "Spotter's Fee", was reprinted in Investigator 67 (1999 July).

The information may have changed. Therefore check with the Skeptics.  

The $100,000 Challenge

The Australian Skeptics will pay $100,000 for proof of extraordinary powers.

Who are we challenging?

Do you have psychic or paranormal powers? We don't mean the illusion or trickery in stage magic, we mean things like extra sensory perception, telepathy, telekinesis, divining for water or metals, clairvoyance and predicting the future. We are challenging such claims and we are also challenging unsubstantiated claims of healing and miracle cures.

Skeptics challenge

The Australian Skeptics challenge people who claim to have extraordinary powers to demonstrate their ability under test conditions. We offer a cash prize of $100,000, which includes monies donated by our patrons Phillip Adams, the media personality, and Dick Smith, publisher and adventurer. Their reputations are your guarantee that this is a genuine offer.

We make this offer because we are unconvinced by claims made by professed psychics and healers. While it would be exciting to find someone with genuine powers our experience has shown that people who make such claims are either self deluded or fraudulent. People who genuinely believe they have psychic or healing powers should be able to demonstrate their ability under test conditions. The first person to convince the Australian Skeptics that they have extraordinary powers will receive a great deal of recognition and prestige as well as the $100,000.

What do you have to do?

Naturally for this amount of money there are a few rules and conditions which apply. If you wish to try for the challenge you should contact us for full details. Briefly, this is what you have to do. You first apply in writing, clearly stating what you are claiming to be able to do. We would like to see a letter from a responsible person saying that they have witnessed you perform your feat. This is so our time is not wasted with crackpots. Representatives from the Australian Skeptics will work with you to define a suitable, and mutually agreeable, test procedure and to select an independent umpire. The test will be run by an approved panel of officers of the Australian Skeptics. If you are successful you will be awarded $100,000. The results of this test, whether successful or not, will be published in 'the Skeptic', the magazine of the Australian Skeptics. The news media may also be invited to witness any tests.

Notes on the challenge

Australian Skeptics is a non-profit organisation so any costs involved have to be borne by the applicant unless we agree to other arrangements.

If vou know someone who claims to have special powers we encourage you to invite them to accept our challenge by offering you a $20,000 spotter's fee. You should be very sceptical of people who make claims of having psychic powers but are not willing to be tested. If you would like to receive more information about the Challenge, please send email to or contact your local branch.


Spotter's Fee

Do you know a true

Psychic or Healer?

We will pay you $20,000 if you can find a
person who successfully completes our
$100,000 Challenge.

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