Investigator Magazine gives true believers and skeptics
fair opportunity to settle their differences in topics such as:

Alchemy Face on Mars Palmistry
Alien Abductions Fairies Parapsychology
Alternative Medicine Faith Healing Past Lives
Ancient Astronauts Fakirs Pendulum Power
Angels Father Christmas Pentecostals
Adventists Fire Walking Perpetual Motion
Anti-Christ Flat Earth Phrenology
Aphrodisiacs Flying Saucers Poltergeists
Apparitions Fortune Telling Prayer
Aromatherapy Free Energy Predestination
Artifacts Friday 13th Prophecy
Assemblies of God Fundamentalism Psychics
Astral Travel Futurology Psychokinesis
Astrology Gaia Pyramidology
Atlantis Gambling Quackery
Auras Genesis Racism
Backward Masking Ghosts Reiki
Bahais God Reincarnation
Bar Codes & 666 God-men Religion
Benjamin Creme Gurus Remote Viewing
Bermuda Triangle Haunted Houses Resurrection
The Bible Heaven Runes
Bible Numerics Hell Sai Baba
Bigfoot Hollow Earth Satan
Bone Pointing Holy-men Scientology
Book of Mormon Homeopathy Seances
Book of Urantia Horoscopes Shrines
Chain Letters Hypnosis Shroud of Turin
Channeling Incubus Skepticism/Skeptics
Charlatans Inerrancy of the Bible Sorcery
Children of God Iridology Soul
Christadelphians Islam Speaking in Tongues
Christianity Jehovah's Witnesses Spirits
Christian Science Lemuria Spiritualism
Clairvoyance Levitation Spontaneous Human Combustion
Closed Minds Life After Death Spoon Bending
Confidence Tricks Loch Ness Monster Stigmata
Cosmology Longevity Superstition
Creationism Lottery Schemes Tarot
Crop Circles Luck Tea Leaf Reading
Cryptozoology Lucky Charms Telekinesis
Crystal Power Lunacy Telepathy
Cults Lunar Effects Theosophy
Curses Magic Thoughtography
Demons Magic Spells Time Travel
Devils Magnetic Healing Tooth Fairy
Divining Maitreya Tutankhaman's Curse
Dogma Mentalism Unicorns
Dowsing Mermaids Urban Myths
Dreams (Prophetic) Messiah Cults Uri Geller
Easter Bunny Millennium Urine Therapy
Ectoplasm Mind Reading UFOs
Edgar Cayce Miracles Values
Elves Mormons Vampires
End of the World Natural Law Party Velikovsky
Erich von Daniken Near Death Experiences Visions
ESP New Age Werewolves
Eternal Life Noah's Ark Witches
Eugenics Nostradamus Witchcraft
Evangelists Numerology Yetis
Evolution Oracles Yowies
Eyeless Vision Ouija Boards Zombies
Extra Terrestrials The Paranormal

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