Investigator Magazine is a home-produced magazine, published six times yearly, examining topics in religion, the supernatural and the paranormal.
Investigator invites skeptics and true-believers to present their best evidence and settle their differences by replying to each other.
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Write on religion, the supernatural, the paranormal or skepticism. Write as a true believer or as a skeptic or give impartial reports. It's up to you. (Note that e-mail to this website may also be published unless marked "Not for publication".)
Many beliefs that cause people loss or hurt started when they heard one side of a disagreement and screened out, or were denied, alternative evidence. By offering to publish both sides Investigator seeks to find out which beliefs are correct. Readers can potentially then make better decisions in issues that involve religion the supernatural and the paranormal.
The offer to publish both sides in disagreements does not lead to debate in every topic because:
1.     True believers often avoid informed others who challenge them;
2.     Many articles are objective and beyond reasonable challenge.

Investigator is a non-profit hobby; therefore you won't get paid for your articles. But if you're not a subscriber you can request a free copy from the edition in which your first article is published.  
This website has over 1900 articles and letters from Investigator Magazine. They can be reached via the home page and include many hard-fought debates such as:

Trinity/Unity of God: Christadelphians; Baptists; and others  
22,500 words
Evolution and Race Theory: Dr Jerry Bergman & Dr Bob Potter   
18,400          "
Theodicy: Four Skeptics vs Anon   
14,600          "
True Story of Christmas: Laurie Eddie; Potter; Anon   
13,700          "
Genesis of Gods: Kirk Straughen; Eddie; Anon; etc.  
13,400          "
Evolution/Creation: J Holman et al   
13,300          "
Angel Gabriel, Virgin Mary and the Supernatural: Anon, John H Williams, etc.   
12,800          "
Divine Command and Utilitarianism: Dr Mark Newbrook vs Anon
                                                                                   12,200         "
Jonah Historical?: B J Kotwall; Anon; DeMyer   
11,900          "
God and the Fine-tuned Universe: Kevin Rogers; Straughen
11,500          "
The Bible on Slavery: Anon; Straughen; Potter; Bergman  
11,574          "
The Bible on Tolerance: Straughen and Anon
11,266          "
Circle of the Earth: Straughen vs Anon   
10,252          "
Prayer: Holman; Straughen; Williams; etc     
9,600          "
Demonic Powers/Possession - Reality or Delusion: Straughen; Anon Potter
8,819          "
America Founded as a Christian Nation?: Potter; Bergman; Anon
                 8,700          "
Canaanite "Genocide" Ethics: Anon; Straughen; Williams
8,500          "
Prayer/Theodicy: Anon vs Skeptics     
8,100          "
Age of Earth: Allan Lang; Carl Wieland et al     
7,800          "
Child Abuse: Anon; Williams; Harry Edwards     
7,600          "
Adam/Neanderthals: Anon; Straughen; Edwards     
7,200          "
Copycat Christ / Pagan Christ Hypothesis: De Kretser; Rogers; Eddie; Anon
7,170          "
The Bible: Williams vs  Anon     
7,100          "
UFOs: Peter Thomas vs Allan Brunt     
7,003          "
The Bible Is God's Creation: Potter vs Anon 6,902          "
Balaam's Ass, God's Existence and Induction: Potter, Anon, Straughen 6,594          "
Homosexuality: Straughen vs Anon
6,581          "
Noah's Flood: De Kretser; Anonymous; Williams 6,552          "
Biblical Pseudoscience: DeMyer et al     
5,950          "
Human Anatomy, Design, Adam & Eve, and Evolution: Straughen vs Anon
5,882          "
Water Divining: Edwards vs Lance Storm     
5,500          "
Jesus History's Truth: Potter and Anon
 5,365          "
Science The Christian Origin of Modern Science: Straughen  and Anon
                                                                                     5,108         "
Ontological Argument: Rogers and Anon
5,004          "
The Bible Consistent 5 Resurrection of Jesus: Straughen & Anon
4,705          "
God Exists: Anonymous and Straughen
4,660          "
The God Delusion: Rogers; Potter; Williams
4,600          "
Biology Mess: DeMyer; Straughen; Williams     
4,554          "
Vardis Fisher and 1st Century Christianity: Eddie and Anon
             4,411          "
Christianity and Crime: Rogers vs Straughen
4350          "
Canaanite "Genocide" and the Exodus Historical?: Anon; Straughen; Rogers 
4,270          "
Biblical Guidance: Straughen vs Anon
4,096          "
Science and Resurrection: Williams; Anon     
     4,000          "
Christianity and Crime: Anon vs Straughen
3,991          "
God: Why Do Some People Still Believe?: Potter; Rogers; Anon
                                                                                     3,990         "
Devil Maligned: Edwards; Anon 3,982          "
Apostrophes and Girls: Mark Newbrook; B. Stett
                                                                                     3,852         "
The Advertiser Hinders Debate     
3,850          "
The Documentary Hypothesis: De Kretser vs Anon
3,656          "
Apostle Paul and Sigmund Freud: Potter vs Anon
3,597          "
Atheism, Evil, Canaan Genocide: Rhodes; Straughen; Newbrook; Williams; Anon              3,350          "
Anti-Semitism & Jesus "You are from your father the devil":  Anon vs Straughen   3,267          "
Hiroshima & Nagasaki: B M; Potter      3,200          "
Alien Civilizations and Divine Creation the Probability: Anon vs Straughen
3,116          "
Free Will in Heaven? : B Bennie vs K Straughen
3,115          "
Goodness and Evil: Bennie; Straughen; Williams; Rogers
3,065          "
Offence and Free Speech: Potter; Anon 3,010          "
Testing the Bible: Nicholls vs Anon  3,000          "
Freedom of Speech at Universities: Bergman and Newbrook
                                                                                     2,995         "
Dr. Josef Mengele and Darwinism: Bergman vs Williams
                                          2,920          "
Astrology: Peg Radcliffe & Michael Oleary     
2,776          "
Polygamy: D Stocker & Anon     
2,754          "
A Murderous Church: De Kretser; Anon; Bennie
2,742          "
Biblical Mythology or Biblical Fact: De Kretser vs Anon
2,687          "
Hares, Cud and Ruminants: Anon; Straughen 2,878          "
Everyone Needs Biblical Guidance: Anon; Straughen 2,653          "
Nazareth: Anon vs Potter     
2,603          "
Fiery Serpents: Anon vs Straughen     
2,565          "
Cosmography of Heaven: Straughen and Anon
2,536          "
Biblical Superstition Trap: Tony Lee vs Anon
 2,501          "
Precognition: Edwards vs Krystal Starshine 2,499          "
Hell and Eternal Torment: Straughen & Anon
2,494          "
Health and Crap: Holman et al
2,476          "
How God Was Invented: De Kretser vs Anon
2,281          "
Malleus Maleficarum and Witchhunts: D Dowling & Anon
2,152          "
Historians and Jesus: De Kretser vs Anon
2,100          "
Evolution "Slaughter of the Dissidents": Foth-Regner & Williams
2,088          "
Christianity and Secularization of Law: Bergman vs Straughen
2,007          "
Resurrection and other simple questions: D Dowling vs Anon
1,941          "
Was Hitler a Christian? : Potter and Anon 1,937          "
Sati (Suttee): Straughen vs Anon     
1,885          "
Biblical Doubletalk/Contradictions: De Kretser; Anon 1,881          "
Biblical Cosmology: Straughen vs Anon     
1,800          "
The Bible "Dangerous" or Necessary for a better world? : Straughen vs Anon
1,672          "
Biblical Barbarity vs Barbarity is Unbiblical: Van Robison & Anon
1,672          "
Backmasking: Keuning; Edwards; Newbrook 1,598          "
Bible & Employment: Anon vs Edwards     
1,550          "
Miracles Demolished/Confirmed: De Kretser; Anon
    1,504          "
Evolution: We Need Facts: Bergman & Williams 1,494          "
Relics: De Kretser; Anon; Russo
1,472          "
Biblical Bloomers: De Kretser; Anon; Rogers
1,417          "
The Story of Jesus: De Kretser; Anon
    1,360         "
Omniscience and Sin: Straughen vs Anon
1,330          "
Jesus Brief History: De Kretser; Anon
1,232          "
Crucifixion Distances: Dowling; Robinson; Anon
1,171          "
Eyesight of Eagles: Anon & Eddie     
1,160          "
Brief History of Religion: De Kretser; Rogers; Anon
1,119          "
Ptolemy & Astrology: Vic Lloyd & Kotwall        
950          "
Christmyth and the Christmas Star: De Kretser; Anon
916          "
Killer God: De Kretser &  Anon
902          "
Nameless Woman Prophecy: Lang; Anon        
860          "
Is Bible Prophecy Evidence of Inspiration?: De Kretser; Anon
809          "
Faith Versus Reason: De Kretser; Anon
780          "
Frankenstein: B M & Edwards        
490          "